Our 2011 Christmas Letter Pictures:




Pete doing the Zip - Line (free) on the Allure of the Seas, note inside balconys he's passing.   Deck over 100 feet below contains a Johnny Rocket's malt shop, Mexican Restaurant where we went to a Fiesta one night, and a Merry - Go - Round (free).  People above his head are watching one of the flow - rider pools (free too) where you can surf at sea.  Basketball court on the left and behind the camera the minature golf course.  Off the stern the ocean can be seen.  1/28/11


Katie just after she came out of the Ice Bar (cover charge)  on the Epic, note how cold her face looked.  Pete tried to get a picture of her in the bar but all of the windows were fogged up.  2/11/2011


Pete and Katie at the "breakfast with a Baboon" (no, not other tourists) unfortunately this was as close as we could get to them and only the handlers were allowed to feed them. 4/18/2011 at the Singapore Zoo 


Self portrait of Pete on a section of the Great Wall of China quite a hike, some of our bus went to the end (seen above Pete's head)   5/6/2011





The Royal Lahina Luau on our way in.  Chris Poppe, Lee Wilkinson, Rose Ann Wilkinson, Katie Bickerdke, Lisa Poppe, Pete Bickerdike.   Lee and Rose Ann "won" nice flower Leis later for being the longest married that night, 50 years.  Katie and Chris' mom didn't join us this night  11-22-11