Our 2012 Christmas Letter Pictures:  (in progress)


Our 11 week, 11,000 mile driving trip:

First night of our 11 week trip 

Katie and Pete on our first night of our 11 Week, 11,000 driving trip.  You can see the guy doing the live entertainment at the Marriott in the background. If you look carefully you can see the reflection of the fire pit in Pete's glasses. 2/13/12

Ann and Dave's dog 

Ann and Dave's dog when we visited them in their Arizona house.  2/14/2012

Dave and Ann 

Dave at the piano and Ann looks on 2/14/12

Titan 1

Pete at the Titan Missle Silo (reflection is the plastic cover that allows seeing into the silo)  If you look carefully you can see the dummy missle inside. There are several safeguards that verify that this site is deactivated and can be seen from the sky. 2/14/2012


Control room

The Control Room at the Titan base.  Our guide in the white hat was going through a simulated launch, including having a couple of our fellow tour people turn the arming keys. 2-15-2012 


Pete and Katie about to tour the giant open pit Copper mine in Arizona, after a mandetory visit to an Indian Casino. Note the bird's nest access near the top. 2-15-2012 



Pete checking out one of the giant trucks that retired from the open pit mining operation.  Picture especially taken for grandson Trevor. 2-15-2012 

Ray and Linda 

Visiting with Linda (old friend of Pete's from Santa Barbara) and husband Ray in El Paso, Texas. 2-17-2012 


The entrance to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Pete's third visit, Katie's first!  A long hike down to the bottom.  2/18/2012


Katie in Carlsbad Caverns - she was a real trooper it is a good long downhill hike. There is an elevator for the return trip.  I value my life, so not showing Katie's face or hands. 2/18/2012



The entrance to South Fork Ranch in Dallas, Texas.  2/21/2012



Some of the cattle sculptures in downtown Dallas. 2/21/12



Bob mowing his lawn in Cuero, TX.  He and wife Charlotte have since moved to Lake Havasu, AZ. 2/24/2012

50 cal 

The Coast Guard escorting our cruise ship out of the Galvaston Harbor on our way for a seven day cruise.  Note the 50 caliber being manned on the bow.  2/26/2012

dress up


Pete and Katie on one of the cruise's formal nights (you can tell because only on formal nights does Pete wear a tie!).  2/27/2012



The upper deck excercise area, note the overhead rope ladder area (complete with safety ropes). 3/2/2012


long way

A view down the Atrium of the ship, long way down, with glass elevators on the right. 3/3/2012


house Natchez

Katie after our tour at one of the old Antebellum houses in Natchez, MS. 3/6/2012



Katie checking out the entrance to the Coke attraction in the middle of Atlanta, GA.  3/8/2012


coke 2

We were greeted by this guy at the Coke place.  3/8/2012



Katie and Martha at her and husband Gary's (N1GC!) farm in North Carolina.  3/10/2012



This woman in period costume was describing to us the court procedures in Williamsburg, VA.  Very interesting presentation.  3/12/2012



This was Martha Washington greeting us in Williamsburg after she arrived by carriage.  3/12/2012



Charleston, SC, horse drawn (oops, Mule drawn) tour passing the house we were touring.  We were on the second floor and learned that many of the Southern houses were built with the main entertaining floor on the second floor since "Mosquitos don't fly that high".  3/17/2012


Boat docking for tour of Fort Sumter. famous Civil War location, in Charleston's harbor.   3/17/2012


Pete and Lee relaxing by the pool while the girls swim, at Hilton Head, SC.  3/19/2012

(Self portrait by Pete)


rose ann 

Rose Ann and Katie swimming at Hilton Head, SC. 3/19/2012


Champagne waterfall in ship's atrium, during our second cruise of the trip. 3/27/2012



National Cathedral, Washington DC, on Easter Day, we went to a very fancy 4 PM service.  4/8/2012


pete dc

Pete in front of the Vietnam Memorial wall.  4/9/2012


Lunch at the Anapolis Harbor at an outdoor restaurant, 1 block from the Naval Academy.  4/10/2012



Katie waiting for Pete to finish the boat inspection.  We were looking at a possible purchase for Bob (had to park right next to it and use the car for a ladder.  4/10/2012



Gettysburg battlefield.  No we didn't get to the FCC office, darn.  4/12/2012



Hershey's Chocolate World (in Hershey, PA)  4/12/2012



Amish country, PA, girl plowing the field (don't know if she was part of the show or not). 4/12/2012



Abby and Emma at diner at a great Italian restaurant that Judy took us to.  4/14/2012



Our view from the Marriott on the Canada side of Niagra Falls.  4/15/2012


horse 2

One of our modes of transportation at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. 4/17/2012



We try out another form of transportation at Greenfield Village, a model "T", we bought the unlimited transportation passes (see Katie's left arm) that allowed us to use the horse-drawn, cars and trains an unlimited number of times, well worth it.  4/17/2012



Pete was in one of Edison's labs at Greenfield Village and saw several stacks of these on both the top and bottom floors.  Just had to ask what they were, turns out they are early Capacitors (or Condensers as they were called then).  Didn't get a chance to find out the capacity of each box.   4/17/2012



During our stop in Nebraska got a bird's eye view of Pete's shop and his very new tractors (one on the right has an auger attached). 4/20/2012


dfu 2 

Pete during our "guided lawn tractor tour" of his property, this is the North East corner.  4/20/2012



Tracy Hinkle when we surprised him and his family at their church near Denver, Colorado.  4/22/2012


Our seven great Grandkids:


Payton and Taylor

Four year old Payton and Taylor listening to a story being read by grandma. 1/10/2012



Six year old Trevor working on Mom, Liberty's. computer 1/10/2012


Eight year old Kaitlyn checking out the rain.  1/21/2012



Three year old Alexander.  2/1/2012


Four year old Ethan at the Santa Barbara Zoo on his mom's birthday.  5/25/2012


Not pictured: 12 year old Austin (JT)


Sea Doo trips:


Katie near Davis Dam, lake Mojave.  9/10/2012




Katie doing a rescue (these guys had broken down just outside the harbor) by towing the runabout into the launch ramp (155 horses do a good job). 9/12/2012





Pete (self portrait) during our last trip of the season to the river.  10/23/2012