Our 2013 Christmas Letter Pictures:  (in progress - note these are big pictues and take a long time to load)


Our year in review:

Great Grandma Betty Ordung's birthday celebration in Palm Desert with Kaitlyn looking on


Katie and Pete won this from a Trivia competition, one of the few we won by ourselves

Troy Goodspeed fixes one of the paintball weapons at Industry Station's Camp Courage


Katie, Liberty, Pete, Taylor, Trevor and Payton just before entering the Luau on Maui

A mockup of Harry Potter's house at the Harry Potter studio outside London

Katie checking out one of the exhibits at the Harry Potter studio, this is the huge ballroom

One of the street artists he appears to be suspended in mid air (actually has a support up his right leg). 

Very fun watching people's reactions to his hanging in mid-air.

The Camels awaiting our ride, note the seats on each side and seatbelts

(needed on the downhill part of the ride).


Pete, before boarding his and Katie's camel, note muzzles, they are not friendly animals



View from our perch on the way up the hill.  Our Camel liked to stick his head between the

 two people ahead of us...

View from the cable car in Madeira, note our ship in the fog below

While riding up in the cable car.

Sunset over the Atlantic, taken from our balcony, unknown who the other two ships were.