Our 2014 Christmas Letter Pictures:

updated 12-6-14 added Mary's picture

Note: these are high resolution pictures and may take a long time to load on a slow internet connection.


Ethan and mom, Jennifer on the Mr. Sancho's beach at Cozumel checking out an Iguana.  After I took this picture the handler said "no pictures" he wanted to sell his own.   We had been to this beach before, good sand, refreshments, ATVs and horses for rent along with a very small Zoo. 1/6/14


The pool attendants on the ship went nuts with towel animals today! 1/9/14


Ethan making a really big splash on one of the ship's waterslides 1/10/14 

dinner cruise

Hugo, Ethan and Jennifer Gutierres on the last day of the cruise at port Canaveral at the buffet aboard the Carnival Dream cruise  ship.  We had a super waiter and assistant that really liked Ethan. 1/11/14


Katie, Rose Ann and Lee Wilkinson.  just as we were entering Gatorland.  Very veteran and family oriented business, Katie and I were admitted (after several discounts) for a total of $17!   1/26/14


Snake Lady Rose Ann at Gatorland with a "friend"  1/26/14


Some of the Alligators at Gatorworld in the main tank waiting for dinner.  1/26/14


Katie with her mom, Betty Ordung, at her Santa Barbara apartment for Christmas celebration.  One of the last pictures we had of her.  12/24/13 


Alexander, Katie and Kaitlyn off for a Sea Doo ride at Lake Mojave from Telephone Cove  6/5/14



Pete and Katie at Glacier Park, MT.  Day trip from Canada after staying at the Prince of Wales 8/18/14



Katie with Lake Louise (her middle name!) in the background 8/20/14



The McCormick kids,  Payton, Taylor and Trevor waiting to go into Laser Tag in Simi Valley   6/12/14


Trevor using Great Grandma Bickerdike's wood carving tools, same ones she used for carving the Tiki in Hawaii (see link on this site)  9/4/14


J.T. and Kaitlyn showing off their driving skills, Legoland 9/15/14


Alexander, Karen, John, J.T., and Kaitlyn on the lazy river at Legoland.  Note Alexander's tongue!  These lego blocks were floating in the river to pickup and build your inner tube.  9/14/14


Kaitlyn in her pirate themed "room" (actually off of ours) her own TV and a pirates chest that only could be unlocked with the proper combination of numbers from clues around the hotel (she figured it out and it contained some books and candy)  9/14/14


Montserrat monastery outside Barcelona in the mountains 10-3-14




Katie on the skywalk on the Regal Princess, note the transparent glass floor and the view right into the balcony staterooms to Katie's right!  10/5/14



We were headed for the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, Italy.  A lot of walking that day!  10/7/14


A nice but short visit with Richard and Mary from Ventura at Ephesus.  Meet good friends in very far off places.  Very interesting city, has a 25,000 amphitheatre that is still used for concerts.  10-13-14


Mary and Katie with the huge amphitheatre in the background


mary's pic

Better picture of the four of us Katie, Mary, Richard & Pete.  Headphones on Katie and Pete were to listen to our tour guide.

Thanks Mary for sending the picture!



Richie and Laura leaving the grille with some hotdogs headed to the next deck up to join us while we watch the ice carving demonstration.   10/15/14



Katie and Pete on one of the many formal nights 10/15/14



Bicycle Art in Venice, Italy, over 2,000 Stainless Steel frames make up this tower.  10/17/14



The ship went all out for Halloween 10/31/14


Decorated door by Red Hat Ladies for Halloween 10/31/14



Link to Katie performing in the Princess Choir caution lots of data and a slow connection will have choppy video, turn up your speaker!