2017 Christmas Letter Pictures 12/9/17 A (not finished)


Katie with village girls (they spoke no English, but not needed).  They were fascinated with the battery powered fan that Katie had with her.

Pete was surrounded by several girls too, somewhere are some pictures, he gave them a bunch of pens that he had collected.


A collection of scouts in Parintins that greeted us as we left the dock, they were very nice, spoke English a lot better than our Spanish

Katie bought them all ice cream before we left to get back on the ship.



Pete and Katie at the famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue high above Rio De Janeiro, we had to take a cog train and then an elevator before hiking up the final stairs, then back down and a cold diet Coke.


View from our hotel room, showing a float being pushed back into the warehouse, we saw this all day long.


Disney's Animal Park, John in the rear with Kaitlyn to his right and Alexander to his left.  Karen sat this one out,

good idea since it was a very wet ride.



Kaitlyn at Disney's Hollywood Studios showing off some of the stickers that she acquired, we were having lunch

across from the Tower of Terror.


Taylor sailing in the Ventura harbor.


Payton cruising the harbor under her own control.


Captain Trevor about to sail by.

Trevor with his "most improved sailor trophy", Payton and Taylor with their "never want to get out of the water" trophy.



Taylor, Ethan, and Payton, our collection of 9 year old grandchildren, were checking out the cake shortly

before it was cut and passed out to the crowd.  You can see they are all ready to head back to Ethan's pool.

Ethan doing a canon ball into his pool, almost looks like he is on the chair but it is behind him.



Ethan and dad, Hugo, just after working the sail ride (you can actually change your own altitude by

adjusting the sail, Knotts has some unique rides.



We were just about to head into the dining room for dinner, a nice passerby took some pictures for us.



An after dinner shot with the same fancy background.


Formal pictures on one of the two formal nights on the Harmony of the Seas (not a real stairway in the background).

Kevin Sea-Doing at our last stop.


The manager and Kaitlyn dancing inside the Johnny Rockets soda fountain below our cabin.



Pete showing Ethan how to splice wires using solder.  Ethan was great and respected the hot iron, not burning

himself.  Ethan and Jennifer came down from Thousand Oaks for the day, we went to Frisco's after soldering

to see the roller skating waitresses.