I'm in bed with mom in the hospital

I like mom

Grandma B holds me so well

She just won't let anyone else hold me!

Grandpa B finally got to hold me

Uncle Kevin is holding me

Uncle Kevin had to take my picture too

Mom likes to hold me too

All this holding tires me out

I like to nap with Grandma B

Uncle Kevin needed help feeding me

I like my Great Grandfather Ordung

Great Grandma Ordung is holding me

Great Aunt Chris holding me

I can nap even with GG looking on

Great Aunt Chris feeding me

I'm afraid that I'm going swimming

Both of my Great Grandparents

I like Beau towing my carriage

Dolores likes to hold me

Neighbors Dot and Walt admiring me

Judi Joseph came to see and hold me

I'm having my first bath

This is my first boat trip

I'm going to be quiet in church

Church announcement

I strike a good pose for Grandma B

I want to watch TV, not the cameral

do you like my neat headband?

I'm about to show mom how I can swim

In the water I go

I fit in mom's first bathing suit

Boy do I look cute in this suit

I'm tired after a long swim

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