Update History


NOTE: Most recent first

8/30/13    Added link to Lee's "Drifting Hobos" site

5/27/12    Added link to Frank Ordung's obituary on Katie's parent's page

12/09/11  Added 2011 Christmas letter pictures

12/13/10 Added 2010 Christmas letter pictures

12/13/09 Added 2009 Christmas letter

09/06/09 Added site

9/01/09  Added the link to the twin’s professional site

08/13/09 Added link to Alex’s site and his page on our site

07/23/09 Added a link to Lisa’s article

07/09/09 Added McTwins link from Liberty

06/07/09 Added places for Canadian and Alaskan cruises

03/18/09 Added some placeholders for 2008 & 2009 vacations

12/16/08 Added 2008 Christmas letter and photos

12/02/08 Added Lee’s photography retouch site

08/11/08 Added frames from the video to the wedding pictures

08/10/08 Added some of Karen and John’s wedding text and pictures (under Karen)

07/30/08 Added Liberty’s baby announcement to the Twin’s page

07/25/08 Added Ethan’s page, his url, fixed some things on link page

07/20/08 Added pictures/description for the Eurodam cruise.

07/18/08 Added travel pages for Disney/QM2 and Eurodam cruises

06/18/08 Fixed a caption (thanks Liberty), removed the not updated current events page

06/17/08 Added more twins pictures and a few of two year old Trevor!

06/16/08 Corrected birth times for twins (had not published on of them!)

06/09/08 Added some twin pictures

06/08/08 Corrected the birth times for Payton and Taylor (I had them backwards - Thanks Liberty for correcting me)

06/3/08  Added picture of Taylor, Payton, and daddy kevin

06/02/08 Added Taylor and Payton’s pages

02/23/08 Updated some of the contact information

02/01/08 Finished with Antarctica except for Katie’s proof reading

01/31/08 Almost done with Antarctica

01/30/08 More work on Antarctica

01/28/08 Started putting in the recent Antarctica trip

12/16/07 Added link to Bickerdike, Canada’s weather

12/12/07 Added 2007 Christmas letter and pictures

12/10/07 Added page for 2007 Christmas letter - to be populated soon

10/28/07 Added manual counter (updated weekly from 1&1 statistics)  For some reason theautomatic counter is WAY OFF!

10/07/07 Corrected some dates on Liberty’s wedding pictures

03/28/07 Added picture of Amelia and her parents

03/26/07 Updated some info on post college jobs for Pete, updated Links page (found Bickerdike, Canada link down)

02/22/07 Added a link to Bickerdike Park, Chicago

02/16/07 Added the link to the town of Bickerdike, Alberta

12/23/06 Added a link to Trevor’s site

11/28/06 Updated Time-Warner from Adelphia, fixed 2 of broken pages, added IRLP link

10/26/06 Corrected picture information, Thanks Liberty!

09/08/06 Moved the link order around

09/05/06 Added Laughlin II trip

09/02/06   Updated some link info

08/26/06 Added Pete’s blog site (thanks to Liberty for discovering the service)

08/23/06 Added some more Trevor pictures

08/18/06 Corrected some spelling an added a link to Liberty’s blog site

08/16/06 Updated his condition and added the Poodle nurse on Beau’s page

08/12/06 Made most of the pictures larger and corrected some spelling mistakes

08/10/06 Added Sea-Doo trip and some more friends

07/23/06 Some typos and layouts fixed

07/22/06 Added Florida 2004 pictures and some other cleanup

07/21/06 Added some more work info for Pete

07/20/06 Added Kevin’s for sale car to the current events page

07/19/06 Added current events page with link to Kaitlyn dancing video

07/17/06 Misc. changes and added Pete’s 2nd car

07/15/06 Added more young Pete

07/12/06 Added some more Sea Doo pictures

07/11/06 Added Trevor’s license plate frame

07/10/06 Moved Pete and Katie under family tab

07/09/06 Added Sea-Doo trip of 7/8 with Jennifer and Chris, moved guest book to margin

07/05/06 Added APRS link, the City of Refuge stamp, and Army life

07/01/06 Corrected some errors and added more pictures on Beau’s pages

06/30/06 Added Kaitlyn’s license frame

06/26/06 corrected Trevor’s birth time, thanks to info from Liberty

06/23/06 Added Laughlin trip, more Trevor pictures & some Katie pictures

06/16/06 Added Trevor’s name and some other updates

06/15/06 Added Wilkinson and Nelson pictures, Grandson info

06/07/06 Added ham radio page

06/01/05 Added Pete’s work page

05/22/06 Added ham links

05/14/06 Added contact page

05/02/06 More Grand Canyon changes, repairs to some pictures links of Kevin

05/01/06 Added Grand Canyon trip

04/19/06 More trip pictures updated/added, updated technical page

04/18/06 Added some pictures from our recent Orlando and cruise

04/14/06 Updated some pages, added some more pictures

03/16/06 Added some pictures, Kaitlyn, Pete’s work, etc.

02/12/06 Miscellaneous changes

01/12/06 Removed a picture per Liberty’s request, added some more

12/28/05 Finished up 2005 vacation adds, some more of Liberty & Kevin

12/27/05 Added some of the 2005 vacation stuff

12/13/05 Changed front page to make the guest book more prominent

12/08/05 Added 2005 Christmas letter

09/09/05 Added more Sea-Doo pictures

08/29/05 Finally fixed the guest book!

08/26/05 Misc. fixes and caption on Jennifer’s wedding pictures

08/15/05 Fixed some more broken picture links - still more to do

08/14/05 Added pictures of Kaitlyn’s 1st birthday

08/11/05 Added Liberty’s pictures of Jennifer’s wedding

08/07/05 Added Jettrax link and Jennifer and Hugo’s wedding

07/31/05 More fixes for broken picture links

07/24/05 Fixed some picture links (kept them from expanding)

06/30/05 Added some more 2005 Sea Doo pictures

05/30/05 Corrected some spelling problems

05/29/05 Updated Beau pictures and miscellaneous pages

05/27/05 Added Jennifer’s 30th birthday pictures and more Kaitlyn.

04/02/05 Added Beau Too page, Polly, Happy, and Cloie

03/31/05 Fixed spelling on Kaitlyn III page

03/21/05 Added contacts

02/25/05 Fixed a broken link

02/23/05 Added Kaitlyn III

02/19/05 Added Jettrax pictures

02/06/05 Changed the link to Kevin’s site

02/04/05 Added link to Liberty’s site

01/27/05 Added link to Beau’s site

01/05/05 Added link to Jennifer and Hugo’s site, visitor counter, guest book

12/25/04 Added link to Kaitlyn’s site

12/05/04 Added 2004 Christmas letter

11/24/04 Added strange fish to Hawaii 04 page

11/21/04 Added Mexico cruise

11/18/04 Added Hawaii 04 trip

11/05/04 Added Tofts

11/04/04 Added Kuhns

11/03/04 Added Ham page

11/02/04 Added Kaitlyn 2 Page

11/01/04 First placed on page


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